Choosing recovery is a brave decision.

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Graduate Stories

I started doing drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with fear and rejection. In my search for significance, I traded my body, mind, and soul for drugs. I lost everything that meant anything and almost lost my life to addiction. Windsor Life Centre was my last chance and it exceeded all my expectations. I am a completely different person. I now know love and I am changed by it.

JAMIE Graduate

WLC has literally changed my life. 4 years ago I was overwhelmed by feelings of shame and guilt and an addiction to alcohol that was crippling. Since Coming to Windsor Life Centre in the Spring of 2013, I have learned how to live a happy, sober, and amazing life. I now have wonderful relationships with family and friends and a promising future. Thank you, Pastor Cathy and WLC!

SHERRY Graduate

I almost died from a fentanyl overdose and pancreatic failure. I've had a very serious mental health problem for the majority of my life of depression and anxiety. I was the girl voted most likely to succeed in high school, but I'm also the girl who drank rubbing alcohol and Listerine in an effort to calm the deep sadness that had overcome my life. But since WLC I have gained so much joy! I have hope for a future now! This is a program that works with us mentally, physically and emotionally. The program also works with our families as well. I'm so thankful that you gave my family and I an opportunity.

ERIKA Graduate