Our Program

Our Four Stages of Recovery


A 30 day probationary period in which both the resident and the staff evaluate readiness to change, confirm program appropriateness, and complete the orientation process.


This stage has a strong emphasis on resolving root issues through one on one counseling, group therapy, and class work. In this stage, the resident will work on developing emotional regulation skills, conflict resolution, assertive communication skills, and relapse prevention.


During this stage, the resident will continue in depth counseling, further resolution and processing of root issues, characterized by a strong emphasis on structure, self-discipline, vocational training, and family dynamics.


As the final phase, residents begin to prepare to return to society. The Transition Stage allows for the implementation of relapse prevention strategies, and a practical and individualized transition plan is strategized and detailed. This stage concludes in graduation, which marks the resident’s completion of the full program.

What does this look like?

Windsor Life Centre’s faith-based treatment centre for adult women is a long-term residential program. WLC aims to provide healing to the whole person, lasting recovery, and the tools to live out recovery.

Grounded in compassion, we are designed to empower every woman to reach lifelong sobriety. We help women with their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social selves so that they can live their best lives after graduating from the program.

Windsor Life Centre understands addiction is complicated and unique for each individual. We provide customized treatment plans as a key feature of our program by examining each client’s strengths, treatment needs, and coping abilities. Upon admission to Windsor Life Centre and throughout the treatment stay, our team evaluates the client’s progress and adjusts the treatment plan as necessary. We also offer 12 step facilitation, social activities, life skills training, and multiple forms of therapy.